GumiLease® for Tire Mold Release

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GumiLease® provides easy release, keeps molds cleaner for longer, lowers defects rate, & provides better aesthetic appearance.

Our Tire Mold Coatings are designed to facilitate release of cured tires while improving finished tire aesthetics and aiding in material flow. GumiLease® currently offers a variety of semi-permanent and sacrificial tire mold coatings to suit the diverse and stringent requirements of the tire industry.

• Passenger Car Radial (PCR)
• Truck & Bus Radial (TBR)
• Agricultural Tires
• Off -Road (OTR)
• Motorcycle & Bicycle Tires
• Solid Tires 

  • Passenger Car radial PCR
  • Truck & bus radial TBR
  • Agricultural tyres
  • Off the road OTR
  • Motorcycle/bicycle tyres
  • Solid tyres